Monday, June 22, 2009

shell stitch crochet - crochet with passion

As the simplest of the crochet designs, these can be the best to cut your teeth on when it comes to enhancing your skills. Because of its calming, rhythmic movements, many studies have shown positive results for people suffering from chronic depression, Alzheimer s disease, dementia and schizophrenia.

If a series of stitches doesn't making sense by following the written instructions, often the symbols can clarify what is actually meant. How many of us would have continued on with the big project if we had had a chance to practice first without the big commitment of time and materials? Give yourself plenty of time to learn the art of crochet before you start on a baby blanket.

Books aren't the only place to find these types of baby blanket patterns. Crochet yarn is usually packaged as balls, not skeins, and the length of each yarn will vary depending on the thickness. Learning simple crochet will benefit you in so many ways.

Also keep an eye out for how-to kits. Once you have practiced and feel you are ready to try an easy pattern, you can do a search online for a scarf pattern, which is what most beginners start out with.

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